I’m a real male M/M author. I write Gay Erotica, Thrillers, Dystopia and Comedy. I’m also a book cover designer and I make animated movies for young adults.

What am I like? Well, I love animals and anything else cute and furry (that includes men). I’m a vegan, animals rights supporter and have a fur baby of my own, Caleb, a maine coon kitty, who’s a naughty monkey because he’s very spoiled and gets away with murder. I’m very determined and driven and feel like I’m on a high speed train while everyone else is chugging five miles behind on a broken scooter.

I hate injustice, prejudice, bigotry and corrupt governments. And I’ll stand up to the meanest bully to protect someone else.

My ideal world is free from suffering and free from idiots, but I know that’s asking a lot.

Please, please do feel free to message me, read my work, leave me a comment and anything else you fancy doing. I love people, especially readers and writers. Hugs and kisses xxx 


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