UNCUT: Gay Erotic Stories


Available in: Ebook

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A collection of eight gay erotic short stories


“Wow a bundle of hot erotic stories that get you heated up and then the crescendo of, “The Vantage Point.” A great job by a new writer in the genre.” Dan, Amazon.com

“Without giving away too much this book is loaded with 5 short stories that contain erotica; so if you like erotica you will enjoy this book. I read this book in one day because it was a page turner. You never know what is going to happen next, all you know is that it will make your heart or any other body part tingle LOL” Stephen Byron, Goodreads.com

“Hot fun sexy delicious stories! I give it five full wanks and a handful of sweet goodness. Uncut, barebacked, voyeuristic…this book had it all…even a tattooed penis! :-))” 5amWriterMan, Goodreads.com

“I liked this. It was a nice mix of the obscure and funny, with the sweet and lovely. I especially loved the story ‘Room for Rent’. It was my favourite.” Elaine White, author of ‘The Cellist’

“One of my secret pleasures is not so secret anymore, now that Amazon keeps sending me messages to review 🙂 But, Amazon was right to bug me, if an author writes a good story, they deserve to be recognized.
Good on Dean Cole to take on this topic and give the not so pretty. The author opened my eyes to another world of gay erotica, so much, I finished to book in one sitting.” Donyale H, Amazon.com